Two The Moon And Back

7:39 PM

Isla's second birthday came and went and was out of this world! (ha ha...)
It was moon themed because this girl sure LOVES the moon. Like obsessed.
Which makes this mama happy because I also love the night sky and all it's magical, wondrous appeal. The thought of getting her a telescope when she's old enough and getting to stargaze together is something I really look forward to.

We hosted the party in our home with around 25 family and friends. We decorated, used our friend and baker Jenn Weston for an epic cake and cookies, and enjoyed time with everyone. It was stellar ;)
As you can tell from the photos, Isla isn't a fan of sparklers. I chose them since it would look kinda like stars but that was a pretty funny fail!

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate our sweet girl as she turned two!

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