5 Months of Rhode

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"Baby Rhode" as he's affectionately called in our household is 5 months old! Oh, how we love him so and his smile that eats his entire face. He's a sweetheart. A watchful, delightful, inquisitive, puke-covered, sensitive sweetheart. Five months...he's still long and lean. He can roll when he feels like it. He's able to sit up for a split second. He loves watching Isla and thinks she is the funniest person in the world. Soon (in a month, maybe two) he will be trying solid foods and transitioning to some kind of bed of his own beyond the bassinet. Hey, maybe his room will be ready for him...lol. No, you didn't miss a nursery reveal post - there is no nursery still. Second child syndrome.

Life in the past few months with Rhode has been a joy and a lot more calm than the first couple months. We have enjoyed many great memories as a family - nothing crazy, just the sweet and simple days together out in the yard or going for walks. On Canada Day, Rhode had his first swim and loved the pool. He's always loved the water at bath time so I was pretty sure the pool would also be welcomed by him easily.

He is a social baby. He loves events, crowds, dancing, smiling at everyone, and melting hearts. He loves when daddy plays guitar and mommy dances with him. He doesn't love the car. Often I climb into the back seat while Scott drives to hold Rhode's hand and shh him to help him fall asleep or at least stop screaming.

He is still EBF and finally it's normal and easy, aside from his pukiness that has been a struggle since the start. He's bound to outgrow it - right? I've tried temporarily cutting the normal culprits from my diet and watching that side of things. The only few culprits I've been able to find are possibly chocolate, possibly tomatoes, and possibly garlic. But even without any of them in my system, he still pukes...it's just less.

I smirk at the fact that I worried about loving a second child. I worried about having a son and not connecting. There are no words for how much I love this boy. The connection to him is insane. I just love him oh so much, and forever. His face is one of the imprints on my heart that triggers happiness. Family isn't family without him and the world is so much brighter because he's here.

He's my little man. 

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