9 Months of Rhode

10:00 PM

Our little man is 9 months already! Before I had kids I was always like “why are we celebrating months though?!” I kinda thought it was like couples celebrating 4 months of dating as if it was a big deal and just really didn’t get it. However, being a mom is the hardest and best work I’ve ever done and I celebrate every milestone possible! Some days I’m celebrating surviving an 8 hour day... never mind 9 months! lol... 9 months is a miracle... not cause this guy drives me nuts cause honestly 99% of the time he doesn’t. It’s a miracle that along the bumpy road/rhode to get here, there was multiple moments when we didn’t even know if we had a healthy baby. We didn't know if he had life threatening issues. and praise God he doesn’t. He’s such a healthy guy. No complications from his birth. No more fear of failure to thrive. He’s thriving by all definitions! We overcame a terrible start to nursing and only Scott can truly testify how terrible it was lol. I’m a determined mama and really strongly believe in the benefits of nursing and I know it's so worth the fight when it's possible to do so. 

Rhode is one adventurous and happy guy these days. He is crawling, pulling himself up, eating everything, trying to talk, weighs 18 lbs, and is the sweetest son I could have ever dreamed of. We love him so much! 💙💛 We are so very grateful for his health and big smiles...and that the puking stage has finally ended! It's very fun to see how he navigates his environment so much different than Isla did at this age. When Isla encountered a new object she always seemed to be asking "what can I make this object do?" whereas Rhode encountering the same object seems to ask "what is this object meant to do?" It's cool to observe the differences and enjoy how unique Rhode is as an individual. His personality is very strong but with lots of sweetness packed in. He is more serious when Isla was always so silly and he's less independent in general. He's also very attentive, caring, joyful, and pretty quiet yet is finding his adorable voice.

Rhode gets his own room and crib this week, which coincides with Isla being moved to her big-girl bed. His room reveal post will come whenever I finalize it... and who knows when that will be 😆

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