Two Months of Rhode

10:34 AM

Our sweet boy is two months old and growing like a weed. He’s now transitioning into 3-6 month clothes. It’s hard to believe the tiny newborn stage is already over and we now have an alert and curious baby in his place.

Rhode is such a smiley baby who just loves to be held 24/7. He will settle into a carrier too but just loves any closeness and warmth he can get. He has had some difficulty nursing especially the past month or so and we recently discovered a lip tie. I’ve always had to really work hard to get a latch with him but assumed he was just a more difficult nurser than Isla but now realize that his poor latch and gassiness are likely from the tie. Generally ties are caught from the get-go because nursing is painful but after nursing Isla for 14 months and only having 6 months off between kids, I thankfully haven’t experienced nursing pain this time which is great but allowed me to miss Rhode’s tie. We are going to have it looked at by the doctor at his first round of shots next week.

Rhode has had quite a few extra appointments as he screened positive for cystic fibrosis which after a couple Sick Kid’s visits we learned he is only a carrier of the gene and is not affected by it himself. It was a whirlwind couple weeks there but we are so happy our little man is healthy.

There’s not much else to be said about a baby other than that they are a delight and a joy to have. Scott and I definitely are just soaking up the snuggles whenever we can and enjoying each day as we know they pass fast.

Isla is almost 2 years old and is so freaking funny we can’t even handle her hilarity. She is our little performer - dancing, singing, reciting rhymes, imagining, and lighting up every room she steps into. Her favourite colour is purple, she loves animals to the maximum amount possible, and our new thing is going on adventures together which is definitely the highlight of her day. She speaks 4-5 word sentences but also still has some chatter in her own language and is of course still working on stringing her words together and pronouncing them properly. She is starting to learn to use adjectives in her sentences - now a mess is a BIG mess. A fly is a YUCKY fly.

As for Emberly House, our newest project is Rhode’s nursery which is a minor reno but finding the time for it proves challenging for Scott who works a distance away each day and most often leaves his tools at the job site. I am so excited to see the room come together. Rhode’s name is based on the Fender Rhodes 70s electric piano, so I decided to make his nursery 70’s inspired. Our home has had some 70’s inspired pieces for some time as I tend to mix a handful of eras but 70’s is pretty on trend right now which makes this room even easier to pull off. I have had a hard time finding every piece I want so I will definitely be blending some new styles with the old but it will be a really fun space when it’s done. Scott has fought me hard on wallpapering so that sadly won’t be happening haha but I’ll make sure the room reflects my eclectic style one way or another.

Upon the completion of Rhode’s room, our next step when weather is finally nice is going to be a massive Spring purge. We are going to get rid of everything that doesn’t spark joy (thanks Marie Kondo). Bye bye to all the clutter and stuff saved for some unimaginable future use. I grew up with the mentality that you should just hold onto stuff incase someday you need it and I’d much rather only hold onto the irreplaceable     things and if ever a need should arrive for something else, I trust I’ll always be able to track it down and buy it. Especially because I love retail therapy and picking out new pieces, it’s silliness to think I’ll ever want to shop from my dungy basement when I could go thrift shopping somewhere that doesn’t smell like wet cardboard…lol.

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