September at Emberly

10:27 PM

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it."

Oh how I love autumn. Always bittersweet, with it's arrival feeling too soon, it still somehow manages to win me over. Autumn brings to me a whole different level of inspiration than any other season and I am constantly in the mood to create.

Lately I have been scouring Kijiji and thrift stores for great deals on furniture and decor for our home. We are on a budget, no doubt, but I have become so inspired to change some rooms up that I couldn't wait til next year to get the ball rolling. I found an AMAZING couch set for a great price which I am stoked to share photos of soon (when it's put where it belongs). I have loved hunting for new decor pieces for the fall…and have a very long list of Pinterest projects for this new season! There is nothing like decorating a "new" house for the holidays. I still have lots to do but it's so relaxing for me to work on this stuff. I do it in my spare time when I am done my photography business tasks for the day and need to unwind.

I will be posting shots of the new living room set up soon, as well as our stair makeover! Until then, here's a few photos of our fall decor so far here at Emberly. The pumpkins have yet to arrive ;)

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