The Stairs

1:48 PM

As soon as you step inside the doorway to Emberly, you enter a very long hallway with many doors off to both sides. However, before you see anything else, you see the staircase. Our house has had some serious eyesores to deal with...but I don't think any of them were as bad as the stairs. At one point they were carpeted and after tearing off the carpet, the previous owner decided not to sand down the old glue and nails from when the carpet was laid down, but rather just paint over everything with black paint. So the job requirement wasn't just some light sanding and was heavy sanding, lots of wood filler, more sanding, priming, and finally - painting.

We are very thankful and blessed to have our friend Nate put the work into the stairs. He would slowly chip away at them while we were away shooting weddings or while we were working on other home projects. I have yet to take some fancy camera shots of the stairs because there are still some things I want to do with that area of the house to finish decorating, but here is all the progress shots so far!

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