As summer draws to a close...

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It's September 1st! I can't believe summer has flown by so fast. It's insane!
Our summer has been a lot quieter than other years. As a wedding photographer, I decided to book less weddings this year to keep stress to a minimum and to focus on other interests. I still booked some amazing weddings though and have had nothing but a blast this summer with my clients, but it's also been nice to have time to myself and to not have so many tight deadlines too. However, buying myself more free time did not help time slow down at all! It still feels like this summer flashed by before I had time to really enjoy it. My husband and I were able to escape to Algonquin with friends for a few days, but other than that our time has really been spent on Emberly. I guess when you use your vacay time for home renos, you realize you are officially an

That being said, putting our time into our house has been so rewarding. I LOVE my house. I have grown so attached to it. I have never considered myself a homebody before by any means, I was very much out and about. Lately, coming home after a day away in another city is my favourite feeling. There is such a peace and comfort that comes to me here and I just love kicking back with my hubs and our pups. I have learned a lot about happiness: it can be found at home and in the simple things. I hope I never take for granted the peace that washes over me as I sit in my home, surrounded by the people I love. Finding your dream home is a beautiful thing, but having people to share that dream that is true happiness.

I thought I would include some updated pics of the living room areas in the house. I didn't stage anything or set anything up special for this is nothing special, just some shots from my phone of some progress!

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