Kitchen Progress - Before and Afters

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Today the weather is beautiful, which sadly has been a rarity this August as we have faced much cooler than average temperatures for this time of year…oh…and a lot of rain! I am thankful for all the beautiful days we have had this year though and am also thankful I have only run my AC twice this entire summer! Lots of savings there.

So lately we have been working on our kitchen. Once our friends moved into the apartment upstairs, we were forced to make the kitchen clean, usable, and functional while sprucing it up a bit so it didn't feel so "abandoned". This was definitely the room that needed the most work in the house. The initial walk-throughs always led to the kitchen and although there is tons of potential since it's spacious with lots of window light, it just looked BAD. The floors are all scratched up…which is a problem for another day (or year…lol) but also the cabinets were lacking. The backsplash is still needing to be taken out and something that fits the space much better will eventually be put in. 

We hesitate doing any major renos because the room will eventually need to be gutted pretty bare. The floors need to be levelled and replaced, and the walls are all built out of level too. The kitchen is part of an additional that was built onto the original century home and so over time we will need to access the original supports and all that to see what the big problem is with the addition being so out of level. However, it's not horrible or unusable and is still very solid and safe, so this project is going to be on the back burner for a few years while we tackle more pressing home projects!

So all that to say, we are doing little things to spruce up what's there, but aren't putting any major work into this kitchen. We have brought in extra cabinets and painted all of the cabinets white and soon I will be replacing all the hardware on the cabinets and drawers to all be the same, which is going to help a lot with making this look nice on a small budget. We changed one of the lights to be a track light which added so much light to the space. We also brought in a kitchen cart to add a bit more drawer space because we were certainly lacking in that department…and it never hurts to have another kitchen surface to work on. I have been collecting random pieces of furniture to help fill up the space and add more storage as well. We just got our new appliances and are really happy with them. After months of not having a dishwasher, we are thankful to have that back. We also have our first two door fridge…I am in love :) 

The kitchen also has a sitting area which right now is just makeshift with a vintage card table and some random chairs from around the house. We have our pantry and our freezer on that side of the kitchen too. The next step is working on that area to get a better seating situation…but for now it's oddly cute. Haha.

Here is the space before we added anything other than starting to prime:

Here is a wider shot of the space after we threw up our salvaged old cabinets, before they were painted:

Here is the space today: 

I forgot to take a half decent photo of this side of the kitchen, but here is a cell shot!

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