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it just hit me as i browse photos of abandoned homes (which make me feel sad) that my house could totally have ended up like that. it excites me that we get to save and love this old beauty. something about it strikes me in a symbolic way…to be able to see the beauty and potential when other people don't and having a vision for the future to make things better. i think we will definitely learn a lot on this journey about more than just home renos!

here are some snaps of recent times at Emberly.

painting the kitchen! the half beige/half yellow wall is now officially "white/grey"

the pups keeping guard as we paint

brown cupboards being primed and painted white

the dress rack before it broke and fell over, as per usual

before and after of the living room!! 
and we already fixed the curtains to hang much higher than this photo
because they looked way too low :)

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