Spring!...sort of

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We finally saw a couple days of Spring here before the snowstorm yesterday that once again blanketed our yard. However, for those couple of warm days we had a lot of fun checking out our yard for the first time. The snow was way too high when we bought the house to see what the yard was like so we saw what we absolutely needed to and the rest has been slowly unvealed as the snow melted. Turns out we might even have some kind of garden! Our semi-circle driveway is now showing which I love, and we have discovered the house actually has some steps and a few poured concrete "decks" near the doorways to the home which is nice and gives us temporary decks to chill out on until we can build some nice ones.

Everything inside has been going great. We have been slowly unpacking, painting, and organizing. Some things were unpacked by friends and placed around rooms to help me find stuff easier so now I am going through the process room-by-room of putting out what I want and putting in storage or getting rid of what I don't. Most of the paint solutions are just temporary until we reinsulate the house room by room and level out the floors. I couldn't stand to look at the beige and brown walls with dark brown cheap trim any longer so the trim is being painted white and the walls are anywhere between white/grey/light blue just to brighten the place up! It has worked wonders. I feel like the place is already transformed so much just in the 2 weeks we have been here...can't wait to see what is accomplished in the coming months! I also can't wait for garage sale season to begin...hopefully just in time for my rooms to all be organized and I will have a clear list of what I need to pick up for the home :) Love it! Here are some pics from the past week around the home and checking out the yard.

 look at this beaut from the back! lol

 our yard starting to make an appearance!

and...winter has returned. thankfully warmer temperatures are coming back starting tomorrow!
i will NOT be complaining about the heat this summer. that's a promise!

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