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 We are currently using the apartment kitchen because ours downstairs needs so much work. We also don't have appliances yet other than our fridge and freezer, so cooking has been a littttle fail lately. Might need to do a lot of workouts in the yoga room after all the snacking we've been doing..haha.
A close up of the keyhole on our rugged pocket doors :)
The previous owners were big fans of using pantry doors for pretty much anything! We have pantry doors in abundance - closets, to the 3rd story staircase, and even outside on the exterior of the home opening to nothing!
 Fire hydrants are also in abundance in this home. They are everywhere!
 The post office, seen from one of our upstairs rooms. So excited to be able to send out my client's orders without fail!
 We need to figure out a solution for Had to document the awful state they are in right now ><
 We have four trees on our property! Obviously this isn't the ideal time of year to photograph them, but I was too excited to not share. I will take nicer photos in the summer when they are in their full glory but I am excited that they are all different kinds!
Andddd...we have a clothing line!! I get TOO excited about clothing lines. Like, way too excited. I have stopped many cars to take photos of clothes or linen out on the lines. I can't wait to hang my own out. The sun sets right on this area, so I can just picture the golden photo opps :)

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