Moving Day!

11:03 AM

We are all moved in...and by moved in I mean every room of our new house is filled up with junk! lol. Moving day was insanely busy and as per usual laughter and stresses ensued in near equal amounts. The day started off with a nice weather update: the majority of the roads to take to the new place were closed because of whiteout conditions. Thankfully the many vehicles who were on the road that day to help us out all arrived to their destinations safely. Of all the other stresses that come with moving, I was not anticipating having to worry about everyone being safe! Thank God that everything went well :)

We ended up needing to do two trips with our 26" Uhaul rental truck when we only booked it for one trip. That came as a shock to us... apparently we belong on a hoarders episode. But other than that the moving part went great. We had so many people helping...thanks a bunch to Andy, Stephen, Emily, Lucie, Marcel, Mike, Erica, Jim, Josh, David-Daniel, Nathan, Brandon, Chris, Dee, and Melissa. We could NOT have done this without you guys! We owe you all big time :) Other special thanks goes to Nick and Nat, who drove to Emberly ahead of us on the moving day to paint while we were loading up in Barrie...that was so awesome of you guys (especially since you were driving in an unexpected blizzard) and last but definitely not least, special thanks goes to Mitch and Kendra who have brought such an incredible warmth to our home (by fixing our heating issues...ha ha ha). No but seriously...Mitch and Kendra have made this trip probably 7 times already and it's well over an hour each way for them. We have had to make far more service calls to them than we ever expected and they are incredible for being so giving to us! We also have had a blast making lots of fun memories with them and the rest of our friends here. What is a home without loved ones to share the journey with?

So that was pretty much our moving experience. The best advice I can give to someone thinking of renovating an old home is this: prepare for the worst so there are no surprises, and be prepared to laugh to get through the hiccups along the way. We found out the reason our furnace broke: a bat flew into the motor and got stuck there. After Mitch had fixed the furnace and the hot water heater with the new parts they required, the hot water died again hours later and we soon learned that the sewage drain was backing up in the basement which was causing the hot water heater to short out. We had to hire our plumber again as our sewage drain was clogged and backing up in the basement. So things have been nothing short of interesting around here! However, we still feel 100% that this journey is worth all the bumps in the road. We really love this house and the town and we are looking forward to many years here!

PS. Emberly has a hashtag on Instagram! check out #emberlyhouse to see the many pics of our home adventures.

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