{A Year and a Half with Isla}

1:53 PM

"I hope my children grow up to be 'look at the moon!' type people."

 It’s impossible to even put Isla into words. It’s impossible to even capture her in a photograph. Her smile is infectious. She answers questions with the most solid and formal “yes” you could ever imagine coming out of the mouth of a babe. She takes notice of everything. Every little detail in her world shines brilliantly and demands attention. She spreads so much delight with her every careful step. Every night she scans the evening sky to see if she can find the moon…and if she can she will literally grab my face to show me too: “the moon! ya, the moon! ooooohhh the moon, mommy the moon!” she yells with joy and awe.

“Yes honey, that’s the beautiful moon!” and we both stare upward.

Isla is evidence of God’s goodness, that the world is still beautiful and full of hope and awe and magic. It’s not that without her I wouldn’t have found it, it’s just that with her, she shows me new paths to grace and beauty I’d never before taken. Shortcuts. I couldn’t ever deserve or earn this spot as her mother and yet here we are and all I can say is “thank you Lord” for the blessing of motherhood in general and the gift of being able to be Isla's mom. It's so hard to imagine that soon I will be mommy to another child... a child I am yet to meet yet will forever know. Someone my heart already knows. Carrying life inside me has made me see life from a whole new vantage point. Everything is more beautiful, and peaceful, and worth the while. Nothing is mundane. The world is new and so am I.

To my darling girl, I hope that the love that surrounds you will always fill you with a sense of belonging no matter where you wander. You will always be home to me...you will always bring me joy. I will love you forever.

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