Essential Oils for Postpartum Care

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While my postpartum recovery hasn't been a walk in the park (or a walk anywhere really lol since I have been stuck in my bedroom for the better part of a month), I've sooo appreciated my essential oils which have helped make my experience better. I've had to take some medications as well which is just a pill I've had to swallow (lame pun intended lol) in order to get better. I always try to view natural wellness products as preventive rather than treatment per say. So since there was no preventing this crazy recovery, I have taken whatever I've needed to in order to heal. I haven't had to take crazy pain killers - just Advil and Tylenol as needed but in the beginning week and then again in the week following being restitched, I had to take those on rotation a LOT in order to keep the pain manageable. After taking them so often, I have some serious liver detox plans for my POST postpartum recovery lol. I also have had to take iron pills to keep my iron levels at bay, a stool softener because not only is this necessary for most women after birth, the iron pills also make it a lot more necessary. I'm still taking my prenatal vitamin through breastfeeding when I remember to take it, and since I am off my antibiotic to prevent an episiotomy infection, I can now also take my placenta capsules (yup I am that crazy person). I am stoked because the placenta capsules help with iron levels naturally so I am slowly going off my iron pills. They also aid milk supply and hormone levels. I am also about to start my probiotic again now that I am off the antibiotic.

So that has basically been my med regime since getting home from the hospital over three weeks ago. As someone who leans all natural and prefers to avoid medication, once again I am reminded that medication can sometimes be the answer to your need and that's okay. It's about making informed decisions and finding balance in everything. Now that I am off the meds, I can work again on preventative measures for making sure none of the previous meds have lasting effects on my body. They can do their job and that's it :)

Now that I am back in the role of just seeking wellness and preventative health measures, I am fully enjoying my essential oil collection and having everything I need on hand! I have used oils throughout pregnancy, labour, and recovery and their benefits have helped me tons. I am really proud to say that I did not take any OTC meds during pregnancy for any of the symptoms I felt - I only used EO's. I know oils are not cheap but they are definitely more affordable than prescriptions or sick days, so I believe it's not that hard to invest in them - especially if you span it out over time rather than feeling like you need to drop tons of money up front. I love being on Young Living's monthly oil program...I place my order, receive about 3-5 products, and earn back 20% of what I spend in points to spend on future orders and I also receive a free oil each month. It's awesome and has helped me to span out the build up of my oil collection.

Here is my list of oils I've used since coming home:

Stress Away (blend)
M-grain (blend)
Tranquil (roll-on blend)
Gentle Baby (blend)
Digize (blend)
En-r-gee (blend)
Peace & Calming (blend)
Three Wise Men (blend)

+ Ningxia Red (our essential oil and wolfberry based supplement drink)

You can find my essential oils IG: the_illuminated_life and follow us! Shoot me a DM or comment here to ask any questions you may have about using essential oils!

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