One Month With Isla

9:11 AM

I can't believe Isla is already a month old! A lot has changed in a month, that's for sure, but at the same time it flew by and as I look back on photos in the hospital, I can't believe how much she has already grown! Our tiny baby is less tiny...way more alert...smiling at us...sometimes sleeping through the night...and even climbs up us when we hold her, as if she is gearing up to crawl! lol

A few days back I revisited our pregnancy announcement post (which you can read here) and was again reminded how lucky we are to be holding this little miracle. I look at her ultrasound photos and smile, now knowing a bit about who she is and knowing what she looks like. I can't help but marvel at how perfect she is. My body hasn't done a lot of things "right" on this journey as both conception and delivery were far from easy or normal...but it made this perfect little girl and I am so proud of what my body did.

Adjusting to this new life, new person, and new schedule has been both exciting and challenging for me as a lot of this past month I have spent stuck in bed. To say I have been stir crazy is an understatement. Hormones kick in and I have cried because I feel like I have missed this whole month, which doesn't make sense really because I am with Isla 24/7. I just pictured things being a lot different - being able to get out together and enjoy the beautiful days. Many days I didn't feel well enough to even use my camera - and any photographer will understand not taking their own photos of their newborn is pretty tough. We have managed to grab some more recently with Isla which I am very grateful for and also had a professional photographer take studio photos when she was a week old and family photos when she was exactly a month old which we are very very grateful for, but it still is tough to have missed capturing moments on my own - they truly do just fly by! There is a quote that says the best camera is the one you are holding and thankfully I have taken a TON of photos on my iPhone. So while they may not be professional, they exist and they are special to me. Thankfully iPhone quality has improved enough that I shouldn't have any issues with making a little album with the photos I've taken!

One month of Isla's cooing, honking (if you've met her you know what this means), cuddles, and learning more of who she is. We have been blessed through all the up's and down's to be holding this girl at the end of each day.

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