Dreaming of a White Emberly House :)

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It’s the anniversary of the weekend the moving truck brought all our stuff two years ago and we were officially moved into Emberly House. What an exciting week that was, living back and forth between the two homes…living off pizza…giving tours to everyone who came in the door. I know for many, moving can be so crazy and not seen as one of the best memories, but somehow moving here ended up being one of my all-time favourite memories so far. TONS went wrong…I mean, we bought an abandoned house…lol…but settling in here with the support of tons of our friends and our families was one of the best times ever. Parties ensued, sleepovers were common, and we felt hugely loved the whole time.

So much has changed in two years. Days are quieter. It’s strange to finally feel like I just have a normal life. Before, everything was new (and crazy) and now most days are pretty predictable.
However, in this home, things are hardly ever in a routine for long. Friends who live with us come and go, jobs change, sometimes Scott’s here and sometimes he isn’t, and whatever crazy venture I am up to keeps me entertained during the days I am alone.

No amount of dreaming or preparation could have prepared me for just how much I love our house. In it’s damaged, chipping, peeling, leaking state…it is my sanctuary. Coming home is the best feeling I know, and living here is a dream come true tailored specifically to me and my heart. It’s just missing some acreage and a long tree-lined driveway but we can’t get everything we want in life all at once or we’d have nothing left to do or build towards :) Sometimes the wanting and dreaming is the best part!

Instead of doing before and after shots (because I am too lazy to photograph the whole house just this moment) I am going to give you a tour of my DREAM for Emberly. I’ve had two years now spent inside this home, loving it, envisioning what it could be…and I’d love to share that vision with you :) I love the whole "Farmhouse" style for century homes, but Emberly just has a bit more of a European vibe to it, plus it's right in the heart of our town and isn't so much in the countryside...so I came to fall in love with French Country style homes, where farmhouse meets elegance and incorporates history in a unique way. The inspiration for the exterior design of the home is Greek Revival meets Queen Anne. The gardens and landscaping...French Country with classic East Coast white fences and some wildflowers. And of course, intertwined in it all, will always be an artsy/eclectic style thrown in to keep everything true to us :)

Yes, my dream is a big one...but dream big or not at all :) Here is my dream, collected via Pinterest over the past two years:

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