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I read recently a post on-line that got me thinking. It was something I really don’t agree with and I wanted to share my opinion, in hopes to shed light and maybe offer a different perspective. I can’t find the actual image to include in this post so I will just sum up the jist of it. It was a male celebrity explaining that someone they knew did all the right things to be healthy and died young from cancer, and someone else they knew smoked and drank everyday and lived into their late 80’s. The point of this story was to conclude: do whatever you want, don’t worry about health because that will never guarantee a long life. People were commenting about our society’s obsession with trying to extend life through all the current health fads, when we are all going to die anyway. The underlying theme in the comments was “might as well do whatever we want to do when we want to do it because it really doesn’t matter.”

I thought a few days on this before deciding to write out my thoughts. As many know, I am a Christian and I also am trying to live a healthy life, making good decisions that treat my body, mind, and soul well. Does this mean I am afraid to die or am trying to live to be 100? No. Honestly, no. I do what I do because whether I live to be 50 or 100, how I feel each day matters. It matters how I see myself, how I see the world around me, and how my body functions. My mental clarity and mental health are important. Being fueled to face the day the best I can is a good thing to focus on. On top of that, so many people take health for granted until they lose it. Bad health significantly decreases your quality of life. People can live to 80 and be miserable for 30 of those years, suffering from chronic illness. While there are so many mysteries around why good people get sick, it is still fact that poor diet, lack of exercise, and intake of toxins and chemicals all cause cancer, diabetes, poor mental health, and general dysfunction of \ bodily systems. There is always that tragic exception – some health nut who gets cancer and dies young. However, even with that…it’s not to say that their good decisions amounted to nothing. Keep in mind, plastics, fumes from paints or finishes on furniture, cleaning products, glue bonding carpets together, pollution in cities, etc. can all have negative effects on our health. Diet is key but there are still other factors at play. You are never 100% guaranteed to not be exposed to any harsh chemicals that are toxic to your body. However, you can do everything you can to love and respect your body – to help it flush out the bad by giving it the good.

I do think life is too short to deny yourself all pleasures. Don’t punish yourself! It’s not good for your mental health to constantly feel negativity towards food or your body either. If you want that slice of cake, by all means eat the freaking cake! Just be aware that our bodies can become addicted to sugar and carbs – so we need to eat those things with moderation. Balance is key my friends
J But overall, please enjoy your life! Invest in your day-to-day health so you have no regrets…no matter the length of your life…it’s the quality of your life that really matters!

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