Isla Is One!

4:43 PM

My oh my... my little sweetheart is one year old!
I can hardly believe it.
I remember so vividly the whole experience of bringing her into this world which feels like just yesterday, and yet here we are with a little adventurous toddler in our home.

We decided to host a BIG party for her because we love celebrations and love using our home to its full potential - hosting large gatherings and making great memories with friends and family. It was a lot of work but so worth it and as we said goodbye to our last guests and closed the door, Scott and I both smiled with an equal mix of gratitude and relief that it all came together. It's no lie that big parties can be quite crazy and at times stressful. The party itself was not at all stressful, but we used the 2 weeks before hosting 45 people in our home to purge big time, clean out the basement, and sell off a bunch of furniture items which left party prep being pushed to the 11th hour. We do things crazy around here...haha. I knew if I gave us a date we had to have everything out by, with no exceptions, we would work hard to do it. If I continued to let these tasks be pushed off (like they have been for 2 years) then it would only get worse. Even though it added a lot of pressure, in the end I am grateful we worked really hard before the party. The money we made off some sales helped pay for some great food and beverages we were able to serve our guests so that helped us out too!

I am not gonna ramble on about how much I love my little girl cause I know you guys know, I do it every month on here lol! I will say I can't believe we no longer have a baby in the house! I pray God brings us another in the right time :) We both absolutely love raising Isla and would love to have more children.

Here are some photos from the party! I will add her one year photoshoot photos too when they are ready.

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