9 Months Old

5:24 PM

Our sweet pie is 9 months old!

She is really chatty more and more each day, trying to sound out new consonants and constantly taking in the newness around her. She loves inspecting everything and looking at small details. She also loves dancing! She loves to clap and wave. She is still not forward crawling but is rolling very confidently now. She says mama and dada. Still only her two bottom teeth so far. She is very confident standing and holding onto something so who knows, we could have a walker before a crawler!

January felt like the longest month EVER and February is just flying by. I can’t believe how quick the time is going…and can’t wait till Spring! We went to Toronto to meet up with my mama group and a great handful of babies from there. It was so fun to see all the babies together and Isla and Kolby were too cute seated beside each other. We went to Ripley's Aquarium on the Saturday of family day weekend which maybe wasn't the BEST place for a mama meet up with a bunch of 9-11 month olds haha but it was still fun. We also went for a nice walk DT Toronto and grabbed some Balzac's and enjoyed the time as a family.

Isla is loving solids and is still also breastfeeding. She hasn’t met a food she won’t eat yet which makes meal times lots of fun. She particularly loves avocado.

She loves repping small Canadian companies, though we don’t turn away US brands if they want to work with us. With a passion for helping small businesses, I have really enjoyed partnering with small companies (mostly mama owned) and helping grow their followers and sales. It’s been great! We love all the cute baby stuff we get in the process too.

Here are the images from months 8-9 with our Isla girl.

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