New Year, Same Me

2:50 PM

New Year...everyone talking about change...I'm over here like "keep the change ya filthy animals."

Also, why does everyone get gifted a bunch of junk food and then are told 7 days later they have to purge and diet. I am still eating my think I am gonna give this thing up!? And I haven't even made it to the rest of my stocking goodies cause this Toblerone is literally massive. Thanks mom, and no I didn't see any other names on that gift tag...what do you mean I was supposed to share this thing with Scott?

I love smoothies and salads...and berries and melons and all the things...when it's warm out. When the hot sun shines, I will dream of coconut and pineapple (okay...and rum). However, it's January. My pipes are frozen and I have to put on boots to go in my kitchen. Give me coffee. Give me a blanket. And yes, pass me the Toblerone. I need some comfort and distraction from the fact that I can't see across the street and I am snowed in for probably the better part of three months. And why are we talking beach bodies? Can anyone even see my body? I am wearing three layers to stay warm in these -30 temperatures. My coat is like a glorified duvet that wraps around me down to my knees and my boots cover most of the rest. I am covered from head to toe. Which is convenient because so is the beach - in a foot of snow.

So while I think of all that does need to change in my life, (and yes there is lots, I am certainly flawed and in need of growth every single day) I just have doubts that January is the big month of inspiration. For me, Spring always fills me anew with purpose and goals. January/February are the "survival" months of just narrowly escaping full on hibernation. Personally, I count it a victory if I got dressed that day. And no, I don't blame that on mom life. I have always been the laziest version of myself in January/ February. Cause I am cold...and pale...and lacking energy...and my skin is cracking...and I look like I belong in a Twilight movie. And what could be worse than being in a Twilight movie?

So many few answers.

All I will say is...New Year, same me.

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