Our Nursery Tour

3:32 PM

I am so happy to finally say the nursery is 100% complete! We finished the last touches at 1 day overdue. I wasn't convinced it would get done before baby girl made her entrance and honestly didn't even really care since she will spend the first while in our room anyways, but it feels so awesome that it's done and one less thing to worry about.

The nursery turned out so much more feminine then I was intending but both Scott and I really love it. It is definitely the most beautiful room in the house now haha...I mean...it has crown moulding while other rooms don't even have door trim. I think it has helped light a fire in us to keep completing other rooms and making them reach their full potential.

What is so special about our nursery for us is how much love and collaboration has gone into it. We didn't just rush out to the local baby store and buy a nursery furniture set and put it together. It is a mosaic of a lot of passed down pieces from family and friends. It makes me feel all the love wrapped around our little girl when I walk in there and remember everyone's generosity.

In terms of gifts and repurposed items, our crib was a gift from our parents which is white iron. I really wanted a metal one and could not take my eyes off this beauty from Wayfair.ca so it was the one we went with! Her white wicker toy box was a gift from her Auntie D, as were many of the frames for our gallery wall. Most of the books on the shelf were gifted to us at our storybook shower from tons of our friends, which was so thoughtful. The large white dresser was actually my grandma's dresser that Scott refinished. The rocking chair/glider was my great aunt's and the turquoise shelf with the bins was given to us by my sister, also refinished by Scott. The change table, which we put in the bathroom, is actually my childhood dresser revamped by my father-in-law Marcel. Our crib skirt I made out of one of the long table cloths from our wedding. The canopy I crafted out of a wreath and fabric. The Beatrix Potter garland was gifted to us by a family friend, Debbie. The little pink chair was given to us by a shopowner here in Dundalk, and Scott changed it from a pea green to a soft pink. Different friends contributed to the art work - Danielle, Emily, and Jess provided gifts for the walls. The rest of the art is from Pink Forest Cafe except for the Fleetwood Mac quote from Rhiannon which I made and put in a thrifted frame. Our cloth diapers and inserts were generously made for us by our sis-in-law Caitlin! So other than some Homesense buys here and there, and our light which is from Details in Alliston, everything really came together with a lot of effort from a lot of people - and we are so grateful!! Scott put so much hard work into the crown moulding with the recessed rope light which makes the perfect ambient night light for the room and its brightness is controllable on a dimmer. He did such a great job with that and it makes the room feel so magical at night.

Enjoy the nursery tour! Now we just need to get this baby to make her appearance. Scott likes to be early and I tend to be late, so I think we can see who she already takes after ;)

Here is what the nursery looks like at night. In photos it looks super sci-fi haha but in person it is very ambient and lovely.

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