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I am excited to finally be ready to share the photos from our Utah trip with y'all. It was such a great time - a perfect getaway packed with lots of learning, lots of sun, lots of roadtripping, and LOTS of oils :)

For those who follow along on social media, you'll know I have fallen head over heels for Young Living essential oils and have started a new business venture, much to my surprise! I never thought I would get into a business like this, but the pursuit for wellness is an honest one and takes a lot of surprising turns. Most of it is being able to let go of your comforts and take on what is best for your life...and what a journey and adventure it's been.

Many are probably thinking "but you already have a great photography business! Why do you need an MLM business?" The answer is complicated but I'll answer it simply. As a photographer, I do not make money unless I am out of the house, on the road, often working all weekends, and missing a lot of down time with family and friends. I love my photography business and it will always be a part of my life, but I also have seen how my new YL business fits so perfectly in all the little areas of my life that my photography business either complicated or didn’t provide for. It’s a great fit for my lifestyle and best of all - it’s all about promoting a lifestyle that I support! My YL income completely covers our household product and around here we use a lot of stuff! We love our oils of course, but also our Thieves toothpaste, hand soap, veggie spray, and the YL supplement/vitamin drink Ningxia Red.

So…Utah. Myself, Scott, and Nate took 10 days and went on a great road trip to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend the Young Living International Convention at Salt Palace. We met our other group members from our bigger upline team - over 30 people attended from our local group! We stayed in a sweet house from Air BNB in the mountains with some awesome people from our team - it was a big house and we managed to pack 9 of us in the house very comfortably.

I really don’t have any big stories other than just how overall awesome it was and so worth it. I always laugh at how I am not a big “participator” so going to a convention for natural health and getting all hyped up is just so not typical of me. I went into this being like “it might be super cheesy, but if it is we will just bail and go shopping and site seeing!” Honestly, every moment was worth it. It was such an informative event and really showed both the heart and intelligence behind this company that I really appreciated learning. Salt Lake City is incredible! The whole area is just so beautiful - coming from Ontario it was actually hard to believe that people live in a city that pretty! Not that Ontario isn't cool, but Salt Lake is next level, surrounded by mountains in every direction.

We also thoroughly enjoyed the constantly changing scenery of the drive. I’d never before given Wyoming a second thought and yet it was really a gorgeous, amazing place to see.

I am stoked to share these images with you!

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