Welcoming February

1:04 PM

It's February 1st. This means winter weather only lasts a couple more months. The best part...I can see some of my grass. I am not naive enough to think winter is over but I'll take the hope that it will be soon enough.

There is so much on the horizon already this year. As always, I will be doing photography. I have a small handful of weddings booked and will likely cap my bookings soon. I just need a much more open schedule than the old "30 weddings a year" would allow.

That being said, I am also chasing new dreams this year! I am finally pressing into new opportunities to create. I am launching a new business, and this time with a business partner.

I have many dreams for my life...I am a little crazy. One of my dreams is to run a store offering all the things I love: home decor, art, health and wellness products, antiques, and reclaimed wood handcrafted awesomeness! I really believe dreams are meant to be lived out and I know all things are possible. I also dream of being actively involved in restoring my community by bringing business to my small town and getting involved in the decision making process, maybe even the politics.

My craziest and longest running dream is to write and publish a fiction novel. I started writing stories when I started writing sentences and have always loved creating.

Cheers to a new month and the chance to lean in closer to those dreams we are chasing, whatever they may be :)

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