Tuesday Afternoon

6:42 PM

Yesterday was a little catastrophic around here. The front door was accidentally left open, while I slept soundly through the morning, resulting in the temperature of the first level of the house dropping down to -5C by the time I rolled out of bed and realized. It just so happened to be the first really cold day of the year, with the windchill making it feel like -28C here....so pretty much a really bad day for the front door to be wide open for over 4 hours.

It took all day for the house to warm up again...only to finally make another awful discovery in the evening. The space heaters that helped get the temperature up ended up sucking too much power and blowing a breaker (we hope), causing us to lose power and outlet access in parts of the livingroom, Tvroom, laundry room, powder room, hallway, and all of the dining room. There is a possibility that the way overloaded panel has fried some wires and the whole circuit could need to be rewired (worst case scenario). We discovered that way too many items are on one circuit and no wonder it blew. So after a chilly day, the evening was spent stressing over the realization that the electrical was done really wrong in this house, and definitely not to code or by a professional. All of this had to take place on Scott's first day in Sudbury after being off for two weeks. Talk about craziness! Thankfully I took it in stride...a lesson learned...and a valuable one, even if it is costly. At the end of the day, I would rather know that our electrical is dangerously configured over the alternative of not knowing. It was certainly far too hopeful to think the previous owners could have done this to code when nothing else has been...lol

So today I took the time and mental space needed to recover from a cold/stressful yesterday. I am blessed to have time off work for a lot of this month and be able to take care of myself, the house, and the people in it.

Here are a couple snaps from this afternoon, soaking up some sun :)

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