Getting Ready for the Inevitable

11:09 AM

The truth is, winter is coming. Here at Emberly, we somehow survived last month's winter with very minimal insulation, lots of space heaters, and utility bills through the roof (along with our heat) and now moving into this winter, we are finally prepared to make some good changes around here.

The most notable and exciting project we are embarking on this fall is a steel roof. We are looking forward to never having to care about the roof again! lol. After that is complete, we will be working on insulating as much as possible with whatever excess money we find buried under the floor boards.

As much as I am not quite ready to bid summer farewell, I love fall and love Christmas and am excited for our second round of awesome holidays here. Holiday dinners are going to be so much more fun this year with our new table which comfortable seats 8 but could also quite easily fit 10-12. Our household can all now officially fit around the same table! In case you lost count, as I often do, we now have 7 people living under one roof. Well, technically two roofs, since the addition has it's own roof.

The new table, which is pea green and needs a good makeover, is awesome in it's workmanship and bare bones. It has two leafs and extends to 9 ft.

Other than that, fall projects are all underway with refinishing furniture and changing over decor. I get antsy and bored pretty fast and change over rooms quite often!

Here are some random shots from around the house:

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